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Still right here

Hopefully, hopefully, I'm in your head
I hope that you don’t forget that I'm
Still right here
Still right here
Still right here, here
I'm still right here

In the flesh like ain’t no death sight
Looking forward to the next night, much longevity for Tech's life
Like I'm searchin' for the neck bites, how many people will stress?
I'm one of the best mics, multimilli's you guessed right
One of the pioneers, I am here, nev?r looking at no dying years
Rhyming I'm in shining clear, when I g?t to going, they crying tears
Of happiness loving rapitty-rappy shit
That be smacking these tacky kids, blasting trash and be that remissed
When it comes to living legends, giving dead ends to forbidden revving, of a spitting peasants that wanna fit in begging
But inadequate rappers'll never sit in heaven
For the long haul, song fall
Everybody gone y’all, wrong call
He was in his own, all blown, dawg
(The industry) Dong sauce, grown drawers (Got in, hopefully)
They got they money where it supposed to be
Sitting hella heavy if he didn’t spin it totally
I can do whatever when I get up on the pen up in the middle
When I said I was a pro to be, bliss soulfully
Hella percussion I give and I'm bussin’ are really that's slow to me
Slow it down, I throw this flow around
And the women get freaky like the beasties they wanna hold it now
Hit it 'cause my roguish style
And when I get into ya, ugly was meant for ya
Flippin' like gift for ya, Tech is the emperor, I be the coldest pal
Still in the conversation, and my bombs are shaking
On your station, I would racing and I didn’t ponder waiting
To get up in this being a fixture, that everybody will lift up
And nobody will diss ya, and get away with it
They getting victory is for fathom
We don't play wit' it, spray quidick
History the dark has 'em
I done been around for the risen fall of a lot of y'all heart spasms and still standing, so when I say hopefully and hope when I know it's lightweight sarcasm

Hopefully, hopefully, I'm in your head
I hope that you don't forget that I'm
Still right here
Still right here
Still right here, here
I'm still right here

They tried to block my Shyne here
“Godfather Buried Alive” here
I had an indeterminate sentence, never-ending, I was meant to live the “Life of Pi” here
Heard a man cryin about the five years he had to do and I was traumatized here
Never goin home, lost and all alone, wondering how to survive here
Release date felt like a light year
Released hate cuz I had to fight here
But these days, feeling hella bright here
I walk in a room, it's hella light here
No e-scape
I had to thrive here
Become the rose that grew from the concrete
Trapped in a cage
Fasted and prayed til the day my blessing grew upon me
Feeling melancholy
I ain't talkin crip when I say I had the blues upon me
I was the man with contraband, smokin sticks, medicated movin like a Zombie
My biggest fear was still being here on the day that they buried mommy
Now it's Strange how I'm home on a song with Tech N9ne spittin like a Tommy Gunn
No Rocky V
The underdog shall win, who's gonna stop me? None
Hockey ties
Shootouts and sudden death, you niggas should pro'ly run
I've be-gun
Spittin like I've been possessed
I'm gonna need an exorcism, projecting venom
The only outcome I ever knew was either death or prison
Unexpected to live beyond 25, but I rejected the vision
Invested in living a better life for the days that I slept in prison
Accepting wisdom from those who wanna see me win when I step in the building
With no exceptions, I'm chillin, my only concern is collecting millions
Ducking rodents and reptilian henchmen
Fuck opponents and niggas that's squealin
Dark Man X-Raided
The anti-hero - and a penitent villain
Doper than DMT, out here raising hell like DMC
You're finally famous cuz TMZ resuscitated your career like EMTs
Hardest nigga from my city for years
Nobody fuckin with me - none of my peers
Benefited from my blood, off of my sweat, off of my tears
Had to get Bizzy, it was Krazy
Had to Wish for this I couldn't be Layzie
Had to Thug it out but my mind, spirit and Flesh-N-Bone been in Harmony lately

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