Paroles Voice of the heart de Jamie Stevens

Voice of the heart

Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
From the charity album "Voyces United for UNHCR"

I was walking alone
And I was trying to find what I wanted to do with my life
So I know why you need to find a reason inside
For all the arguing and fights

You never want to be living a lie
You don't want to become all the things you despise

You need to believe
And follow your dreams
Follow the path that will lead your heart

Then you can find
The answers inside
They will be told by the voice of your heart

If they don't understand what it means to you
You don?t wanna lose your self-respect
When the shadows are closing in on you
I know that you aren't beaten yet

(Follow the voice, from your heart)
(Follow your dream, from the heart)

You are never alone there's no reason to hide
There are others who see from your eyes
And if you believe, if you stay with your drive
You'll keep your dream alive

REPEAT bridge and chorus

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