Paroles Unbreakable de Jamie Stevens


Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens
Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens
© 2002 by Ronquillo/Stevens

Verse 1:
There are times
The words your heart would say
Sometimes they fall on ears or lose their way
Does it feel as if you?re standing all alone?
Holding on to all that?s left to send you home

You try and try no matter what they say
Don?t ever give up or let their fences stop your way

Even if times are losing life
Dreams will never die cause they?re unbreakable
As long as you believe
I?ll be right there at your side
Cheering you from a distance unmistakable
All your dreams were meant to be

Verse 2:
Don?t you know if the truth is what you seek
Just listen to yourself and make believe
Dreams are like rainbows
Just follow where they end
That is where you?ll find the truth you?ve searched my friend

You run and run and no one seems to care
Running for your dreams can get you anywhere

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