Paroles In your boyfriend's heart de Jamie Stevens

In your boyfriend's heart

Author: Jamie Stevens / Rodney Ronquillo
Composer: Jamie Stevens / Rodney Ronquillo
© 2002 by Jamie Stevens and Rodney Ronquillo

Verse 1:
You say I don't ever see you
You say that I don't notice who you are
But I don't ever have the time to
Deal with a complicated superstar

You say you need more attention
I know it - I know bout everything that you do
I build a pedestal for you baby
For whenever I need to take you higher

I know cause all that we're making

We're making for you just another start
I know you want my attention
How does it feel in your boyfriend's heart?

Verse 2:
Do you hear just what I'm saying
Do you understand what is in my heart
I don't always have the time to
Deal with a diva or a superstar

I say you're not the only
I say I also have a life to live
You can't fill up all my time baby
You can't always receive but never give

Repeat chorus

Middle 8:
I wonder how we both met at first sight
Remember when the time was innocent?
Now let's have some peace of mind....

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