Paroles Battlefield de Jamie Stevens


© words and music by Nick Lowe and Paul Carrack

(verse 1)
I live on a battlefield
Surrounding by the ruins of the love we built
And them destroyed between us
The smoke has cleared
As I stumble through the rubble
I'm dazed, seeing double
And I'm truly mystified

My new home is a shell-hole filled
With tears and muddy water
And bits of broken heart
All around, there is desolation
Scenes of devestation
Of a love been torn apart

(verse 2)
I live on a battlefield
Though one where not one
Single drop of blood has spilled
Is no less horryfying
Sweet memories
Of a bygone situation
Lie shattered, torn and battered
And scattered all around

(repeat chorus)

Everything that can, has gone wrong
It's gonna take spine to carry on
Like a drownin' man I?m coming up for air
I'm looking for another survivor
I can't see one anywhere

(repeat chorus)

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