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Over words

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Over words where there's neither space or time,

here we are, survivors to life, knowers of pain,

but strong like women can be.

In ev'ry smile there's a dawning day,

ev'ry tear allows paths and through by them,

we turn one's eyes on discovering what will come,

who we are, where do we come from.

Dear friend, sweet sister,

endless is night like its hidden secrets.

I turn on a light, I watch your eyes,

I listen to your heart, I receive the cry,

And it's eternal, it's always the same,

it's universal, from the soul it came.

Where's the beginning? Where is the end?

When? Why? How? Who?

I search the logic, but I don't find,

I break my being, but there's no reason why

I see the time goes by and I understand.

I am a little, a little part of all

and what I am connects me for ever in the circle of life.

And it's perennial, unchangeable.

It's the drawing of God,

it's the essence of life

It's the past, it's the present,

the future, what I'll make, ev'ry dream I'll realize...

It's me...

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