Paroles I'm going to fly de Inxtus

I'm going to fly


I'm going to fly, I'm going to fly,

though I don't know when , the reason why

but I'm going to reach the stars up above and shine of a light and shine.

I'm going to feel, I'm going to feel

each borning creature, the wonders of nature

the smallest being, the greatest magic that beats in my heart,

I see with my eyes,

for life I will always thank trough the years the only one maker.

I'm going to learn, I'm going to learn

each more hidden secret, what I don't know yet

to keep in my heart, to keep in my soul, like precious treasure inside!

I will be, inside, what I decide, I will be a bird free in the sky

yes I'm going to fly... .

I'm going to fly...

shine of a light,

shine of a light and fly

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