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The greatest gift

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You have come into my life

and you've done it suddenly!

I was waiting for you, but not so soon,

now you shine your light on me!

From the very first beginning,

when I set my eyes on you

it grew into my heart a love so deep,

I sang hope and I felt peace.

And this is the time, this is the place

I just wanna give my thanks

to my merciful father for his grace!

I want offer with all my faith and put in his hands

your every breathe, your heart, your joys,

your fears, your soul, my son!

So blessed like I'm feeling now,

I've never lived, I've never been...

Waiting ev'ry day and hoping,

knowing it was not in vain,

and god helped me up when I was down,

I have thrown my pain away.

This my prayer, this my plea,

just giving a little part of mine,

so much in return i have received!

I still can't believe what kind of miracle

is looking in your eyes and hold

your sweet small hands, oh, wonder can't end!!

This is the time...

you are but a mystery, you have been a plan of love,

you'll always be the greatest gift sent us from the Lord.


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