Paroles I hope in you de Inxtus

I hope in you


Jesus, you are my savior

deep in my heart there's nothing but you.

Whisper, close to my ear:

love is the only way I see to live my life.

In your world I see myself, in your time I find my soul.

I'll reach your Kingdom because your smile

will guide my tired steps to you.

Every moment I'd spent with you, hundred thousands got back on me.

I dream at night to live your flame in my life.

We're living in this hasty time where love is a crime,

to kill a man is easier than to drink a glass of wine.

Those who steal to live and who live to steal again,

we hate each other with no fear or interest about the pain.

Our money is the only goal we really want to achieve.

To subdue fellow is the only faith we wanna believe?

But I hope in you, my Lord.

But I hope in you, my Lord.

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