Paroles Truck load of lovin' de Chico Banks

Truck load of lovin'

I got a truck load of love
Baby just for you
I'm gonna pull in your driveway woman
And throw my love on you
Well I know your sign reads closed up for the day
O baby but I'm parking away

Well my truck is running over
With so much love
I've got to find somewhere
To unload it girl
Well that's why I'm parking in your driveway today
O the cops can tow me away

I've be carrying this load around

Till I can't carry it no more
I'm gonna pull up baby
And park in front of your door
I'm gonna cut my motor off
I'm gonna take my truck out of gear
Until you let me love you baby
I ain't going no where

I got a truck load of love
Baby just for you
Why don't you please let me love you
O before I leave here

Let me tell you one more time


A truck load of love

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