Paroles Rude awakening de Wckr Spgt

Rude awakening

Let's bring up the family in our own way.
We can make the rules ourselves.
We need no Oxen, sheep or lamb
unless we want them (ham).

We can make the rules ourselves.
Girl: "Quickly wake up, Dr. Rude.
It seems I need another food to satisfy my hunger.

My quest for knowledge must be quenched."
Rude: "What's going on? My neck is wrenched
You woke me so fast.
You whore-monger, hustler or fool
I've pulled in my back a muscle or two."
Girl: "We're sorry, Dr. Rude, but it's dinnertime
Let's eat some food.
The kind you keep up on your shelves.
We can make the rules ourselves

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