Paroles Ravenswing de Kaleidoscope


Remember me to Ravenswing
Where the windows face the sea
Where the pillows smell of lavender
All those nights come back to me

Say hello to the Yellow Duke
He taught me this waltz
On the dance-floor of the clifftop
He was a partner to us all

Remember me to Ravenswing
Where the boys all hang out
Give them this token of my love
Let them try to work it out

Say hello to Julian
With his fire-cracker smile
He is still the finest tree
Along this barren, stony mile

Take me back, take me back
Ah, take me back, take me back
Take me back

Remember me to Ravenswing
On that island small and white
We left something of our lives behind
On that frantic August night

Susan wore her famous dress
And smoked her favourite fire
We made love without a sound
With need but no desire

How many times have I looked for that place
Remembered its essence but forgotten its face
High on that hill overlooking the sea
In the room at the top of the stairs
I see Susan and me

Remember me to Ravenswing
Remember me to the boys
Tell them our lives are like love-letters
That will never be destroyed

Cut them a branch of thorns and a rose
Take them this song they can sing
Carry them to those young men
Home at Ravenswing

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