Paroles Don't dream about jack de Kaleidoscope

Don't dream about jack

Nobody told me if I read his books
It'd fry my brains if I took a look
Over the State line and into the next
Driving all night with his devil on my neck

She said : "Don't you dream about Jack"
She said : "Don't you dream about Jack"
She said : "I know if you do you'll leave me and you'll never come back"

Out on the road looking for dharma bums
Caroline's ghost always urging me on

Looking for legends in the cotton fields
Thinking of Lowell and his mother's meals

Pass me that bottle, baby
Pass me that pen
I'm going to walk with Jack
I'm going to talk to Jack
And I might never wake up again

Lonely as an angel -- living on wheels
Going to heaven with his brother Neal
I closed my eyes and I was almost there
Northwest of Boston with Jack and memere

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