Paroles Day one de Diggin' In The Crates Crew

Day one

[Diamond D]
Now its the mad magician with the ill deposition
No repetition holdin down Bronx tradition
My composition simply squash the competition
Step up and get beat into submission
Cause this musician with the street intuition
7-35 fuel-injected transmission
My opposition will have to recognize my steez
Exotic trees leave a trail of scuffed up knees
So please you couldn't touch this cat with a stick
Quick to inflict tricks blaze up in the flick
Son I'm sick and you could put that on my mama
Exclamation point, quotation, comma
Lay up on the beaches when I'm down in the Bahamas
The skills go back to the days of wonderama
So pass the scama, son its time to get this money
So we can relax and recline where its sunny

[Big L]
I went from standin on the corner sellin cocaine
To rippin show I was sane hoes yellin my name
To be precise rippin mics is the light of my life
You frontin like you trife but never pulled a heist in your life
The price of my ice is sky high, I'm a fly guy
Its every thugs dream I really love cream, its in my blood stream
You mad cause I got more chicks than you, more bricks than you
More nines and extra clips than you
Where I live it ain't a nice town
You can't walk around with ice down
Some clown probably gettin stuck right now
Peace to D-I-T-C, Show and AG, Fat J-O-E
Diamond D, Lord Finesse, and me
I'm from the East Coast, this is how we roll in New York
A bunch of rowdy niggas holdin the fort
Jackin creeps, packin heat,

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